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TEXAS Alfalfa
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product name:TEXAS Alfalfa

supplier: forage genetics



Additional information

Product information


Texas alfalfa from the American company Forage Genetics

100% purple flower color

Composite variety of 220 strains to avoid deterioration in production due to stress conditions or soil conditions

It is active in winter and hardly enters the dormancy phase, as its dormancy reaches 10

The branches are many and the number of leaves is increased in relation to the main stem. It is fast growing after harvest and is highly resistant to salinity and many diseases, nematodes and pests.

It has a high percentage of digestible nutrients, protein and energy

Product details

  • Supplier forage genetics
  • Category seeds ,Fodder
  • Unit 25 kg ,
  • Code 2020210
  • Packing BAG
  • color product 0
  • Organic
  • Good Agricultural Practices(GAP)
  • Expirable
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