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product name:TutaTec

supplier: Koppert



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Product information


Tuta absoluta control is mainly carried out using various chemical pesticides , but most of these substances may become ineffective because the insect has the ability to produce generations that have resistance and immunity to these substances, therefore, it is always recommended in the fight against Tuta absoluta to use an integrated control program that combines various techniques to combat the insect and reduce its reproduction and spread .

one of these modern techniques is to prevent or reduce the mating process and thus reduce the reproduction of the insect .

and this is the idea of the work of Tuta-Tec, where it works to saturate the surrounding air with the active substance, which is the mating pheromone, thereby working to distract males and reduce the mating and reproduction process .

a very effective when the injury is low to medium, therefore, the early application of Tuta-Tec is very important .

the use of Tuta-Tec reduces the amount of pesticides consumed to control the pest, thereby reducing control costs .

 the TUTA-TEC product is a combination of two compounds

E,Z,Z)-(3,8,11)-tetradecatrienyl acetate and (E,Z)-(3,8)-tetradecadienyl acetate.

 this composition is the components of the sex pheromone of tutta absoluta .

 the active substance is located inside a dispenser, which is heard by its emission and diffusion in the place .

 under normal weather conditions, the shelf life of the dispenser is about 180 day

Product details

  • Supplier Koppert
  • Category IPM ,Insects
  • Unit 30 dispenser ,
  • Code 300167
  • Packing PACKET
  • color product 0
  • Organic
  • Good Agricultural Practices(GAP)
  • Expirable
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