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Miravis Duo
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product name:Miravis Duo

supplier: Syngenta



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Product information


Miravis Duo is a fungicide with a broad spectrum of action on various genera of fungi that cause powdery mildew, leaf spot, early blight and other diseases.

Miravis Du consists of a mixture of two active ingredients, each of which works differently from the other, in order to control and reduce the formation of immunity in pathogens.

Miravis Du works by penetrating and systemic property inside germination, where it works to impede the process of cellular respiration by affecting the fungus, stopping energy production and inhibiting the germination of bacterial spores, and thus provides protection to the treated plant and limits the spread of disease infection to healthy plants, and the pesticide also works to inhibit the synthesis The vital activity of lipids in the cell wall of fungi, and thus stops the spread of pathogenic fungi within plant tissues.

Adibidine targets the SDH enzyme in the mitochondria, which is the organ responsible for energy production in the mushroom cell. It inhibits this enzyme, thus disrupting the energy production process, which leads to the death of the mushroom cell and limits the spread of infection to the healthy plant.

As for difenoconazole, which is an inhibitor of the action of sterols in the cell wall, it prevents the development of fungi by inhibiting the biosynthesis of lipids in the cell wall of fungi. It prevents the development of mushroom cells, stops their work, and causes

her death.

Usage rate: 500 - 750 ml / 1000 liters..

Product details

  • Supplier Syngenta
  • Category Pesticides ,Innocent
  • Unit 1 Liter ,
  • Code 555555666
  • Packing bottle
  • color product 0
  • Organic
  • Good Agricultural Practices(GAP)
  • Expirable
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