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Agroleaf Power 20-20-20 + TE
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product name:Agroleaf Power 20-20-20 + TE

supplier: Everris



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Product information


Material Composition: Contains macronutrients, in addition to a package of micro-nutrients chelated in an exclusive formula by Everies, and unique bio stimulants

The function of the substance: the fastest solution and treatment to compensate for the deficiency of major and minor elements on the plant

The benefit obtained from the use: Achieving good absorption through the leaves, in addition to the availability of microelements, as this fertilizer enjoys the M-77 technology, which is a special and exclusive technology of Everies Company and related to the mixture of microelements and its composition, which makes its effectiveness the highest in the plant in terms of plant protection from deficiency Those elements and treatment of any deficiency of the plant. This fertilizer also has DPI technology that works to spread the compound on the surface of the leaf and stick to it and the effectiveness of bio-stimulants to maximize the benefit of the product and make the transfer of elements into the plant easy and fast compared to competing materials

Method of use: Agroleaf of various types is used at a rate of 5-7.5 kg per hectare on potatoes, where high phosphorous is used at the beginning and at the age of 50 days is used neutral and then when scaling uses high potassium. Agroleaf in its various formulations is also added to cabbage, flower and lettuce at a rate of 5 kg per hectare per batch, where high phosphorous is used at the first age of 10-20 days, and at the vegetative growth stage, high nitrogen is added, and at the stage of leaf rolling, the neutral is added

It is sprayed on most vegetable crops in greenhouses and fruit trees at a rate of 2.5 - 3 kg / 1000 liters of water

Other notes: Agroleaf compounds can be mixed with foliar terasorb or with Alga 600, and the results of mixing are excellent on the health of plants

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  • Supplier Everris
  • Category Fertilisers ,Paper
  • Unit 2kg ,
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  • Packing bag
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  • Organic
  • Good Agricultural Practices(GAP)
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