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Dissolvine ABC (Chemical Mix)
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product name:Dissolvine ABC (Chemical Mix)

supplier: Nouryon



Additional information

Product information


Material composition: This product is a mixture of chelated microelements.

Function of the material: a 100% chelated product and its chemical mixture, which makes each grain of it contain the same proportions of the elements and is used to supply and treat the deficiency of microelements in a highly effective manner.

The benefit obtained from the use: The result appears in the form of a clear improvement in the quality of the color of the leaves and thus the quality of the resulting crop.

How to use:  Foliar spray to the leaves at a rate of 0.5-1 kg / 1000 liters. It can be used by soil at a rate of 1-2 kg per hectare once every week or ten days. But it is preferable to use by foliar spray .

Product details

  • Supplier Nouryon
  • Category Fertilisers ,Micro elements
  • Unit kg ,
  • Code 170403
  • Packing bag
  • Organic
  • Good Agricultural Practices(GAP)
  • Expirable
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